Ellie Bishop in every episode (x)

↳ 11x17 Rock and a hard place

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Elle appreciation week

Day two: Favorite Moment

↳ Broken Mirror.

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Favourite Criminal Minds Episodes | 6.18 Lauren (52/68)

Prentiss: "The secret to getting away with lying is believing with all your heart. That goes for lying to yourself, even moreso than lying to another." Author Elizabeth Bear

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i want to get lost in you      
i’m nothing without you

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 Scheherazade: from first to last:

Their free dance, the product of years-long thought and conceptualization, and polished throughout the season, is an absolute passion for both of them —x

I love how she only wore purple for the important comps.

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tatiana and her love for burgers (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

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Anonymous: If you don't have anything nice (i.e. positive) to say, don't say anything at all. Also, if you would stop looking through the Maksyl tag, then you could avoid this. There's also the "Ignore" button, and you can always use Tumblr Savior to block out anything Maksyl related. Just please stop spewing your negativity and bitterness to a bunch of good, well-meaning people.




First off, I was in the Meryl Davis tag when that post came up. Go see for yourself and 2 enough with negative shit already. I’m allowed to have an opinion just like everyone else. I’m terribly sorry it’s “Maks and Meryl 24/7” like most of the Maksyl’s but I live in the real world. I could say the same about you. If you don’t like what I have to say, hit the ignore button.

Thank you! I’m sick and tired of the stay off the maksyl tag crap! How about not turning EVERYTHING into maksyl related. .or trying to. I go into the meryl davis tag…and it’s all maksyl stuff! Trust me I don’t go looking into that tag…but since it seems everthing has to be about that now you can’t escape it no matter how many times you try to hit ignore! Hell. ..I even see it in the Charlie White tag!

And since when is having an opinion being negative? Ugh!!!

"If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all."
….you do know where you are, right? The internet?

Believe me, I have every variation of *that ship* blacklisted and I still see the ridiculous speculation on posts that have literally nothing to do with him.

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